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    $2000 in-game money
    5 Daily diamonds
    Diamond shovel
    leather Armor​
    500 Claim Blocks and 50 town blocks for your town
    /Kit Stone
    No Item Limits
    Cool Stone Suffix

    Mob Disguise (do /md chicken to become a chicken)
    BlockDisguise (do /bd grass to hide in Grass )
    Iron Tag In Forums
    $10000 in-game money​
    10k Claim Blocks and 1000 town blocks
    Access to /nick
    kit /kit iron​
    unlock Mining Laser and Destruction Catalyst
    Get a free plot in the mall for free for ever
    Cool IRON suffix

    all commands from above ranks
    Cool Gold Tag in Forums
    15k in game money
    15k claim blocks 1500 town blocks
    /kit gold plus all the kits below
    cool Gold suffix

    all commands from ranks above
    access to /md diguse as any mob except ender dragon
    access to /bd to change in to any block
    20k claim blocks and 1500 town blocks
    Diamond Tag in Forums
    /kit Diamond and all kits below
    /god be a god in god mode
    /kit fly
    Daimond suffix in game
    20k in game money

    all commands above
    cool tag in forums
    25k in game money
    25k claim blocks 2000 town blocks
    /kit uraneum
    cool green suffix

    all commands above
    30k ingame money
    30k clameblocks and 2500 town blocks
    /kit DarkMatter
    Get an mpc in the dnation room
    cool purple suffix

    access to all comands above
    access to /md diguse as any mob except ender dragon
    access to /bd to change in to any block
    cool forum tag
    40k ingame money
    40k claim blocks and 3000 town blocks
    /time day
    /time night
    /kit RedMatter
    cool red suffix

    all commands above
    50k ingame money
    50k claim blocks and 3500 town blocks
    /time night
    /time day
    /kit redmater and below ranks
    /kit ultra half stac of hv solars
    cool blue suffix
    cool forum tag

    all commands above
    /kit Nuke
    60k ingame money
    60k claim blocks and 4000 townblocks
    /time day
    /time night
    /mv tp donator
    get an npc in spawn
    a cool forum tag
    and a donation rank on discord

    all commands above
    cool [Technic] prefix
    Instant Teleporting + No Teleport Cooldown​
    /Near - Displays users that are near you!
    /Nick - Allows you to change your nickname! (Color & Formatting)
    /Hat - Places whatever block you're holding on your head!
    /Repair - Repairs the item that you're holding! (Works on Vanilla Items Only.)
    /Heal - Heals you to full health!
    /Feed - Satisfies your hunger!
    /God - Makes you invulnerable to your enemies!
    /Gamemode - Allows you to switch between Creative and Survival!
    NEI Access - Allows you to spawn items with the NEI Menu!
    /MD - Allows you to disguise as any mob! (Excluding Ender Dragon)
    /Kit Technic - Gives you some awesome rewards! (One use per day!)
    $1,000,000! ingame money
    100,000 Claim Blocks! and 5000 town blocks
    This purchase is non-refundable for any reason, if at any point you issue a charge-back on your purchase of this item, you will be permanently banned from all TechnicNetwork servers until the charge-back has been dropped and you have discussed the reason for the charge-back with Rowan[TecnicNetwork].
    Notice: Technic and Custom users may not team with users who are not Technic, Custom, or a Staff rank.
    We do not offiliate our selvs with mojang or microsoft we keep with in the minecraft eula .

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